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Modi and Metamorphoses (I)

An aged man, wearing a hat and sporting an impressive moustache looks, somehow sceptical and at the same time absorbed, towards the beholder. The dark dominating tone of the painting is supported by the background and is challenged through the white-yellowish and in some cases green-redish flesh as well as the white thick brushstrokes in the area of the neck. These broad, parallel lines suggest the texture of a fabric and create a dazzling counterpoint to the dark coat.

Un livre sur l’incroyable exode du Louvre à Brest

Sous-titré « Brest, 1870 : des chefs-d’œuvre à l’Arsenal », l’ouvrage de l’historien Patrick Gourlay aux Éditions Locus Solus raconte l’incroyable épopée de 293 chefs-d’œuvre du Louvre, en 1870 et 1871, que Paris assiégé…

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