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Vom authentischen Brief zur durchgestalteten Literatur: Textvarianz dokumentieren und analysieren mit TEI #dhmasterclass

In meinem vorher­gehen­den Blog­post habe ich das Brief­tage­buch von Fried­rich Roch­litz Tage der Gefahr über die Völ­ker­schlacht zu Leipzig im Jahr 1813 vorgestellt. Als Ein­wohner Leipzigs hatte der Schriftsteller Rochlitz die ge­sam­melten Schil­derun­gen seiner…

First glimpse on cover of ZPol-Issue 4/2018 „New Normality?“

Here it is – the cover of the upcoming issue 4/2018 of the German Journal of Political Science. Coming out a year after our #StatEx2017-conference in Paris, it offers the written and revised versions of a big part of the contributions presented at the German Historical Institute, as well as some new articles. We are very excited and looking forward to comments and further discussions. The issue is currently in production. As soon as the digital and printed versions are available, we will inform … „First glimpse on cover of ZPol-Issue 4/2018 „New Normality?““ weiterlesen

The “Historiography in Ottoman Europe (1500-1800)” Project (HOE) – Providing More through Metadata

Background and Genesis Though the Ottoman empire controlled a significant portion of the Balkan region in the early modern era, the historiographical traditions established by historical texts created in the region during that period has received comparatively little attention as a research topic.[1] To fill this gap in research and to make the resulting data publicly available, the Historiography in Ottoman Europe project was developed with the support of the German Research Foundation (DFG) to create a database that would include metadata for several … Continue reading The “Historiography in Ottoman Europe (1500-1800)” Project (HOE) – Providing More through Metadata

Réorientation de la stratégie de publication de l’IHA : libre accès immédiat pour les PHS à partir de 2019

L’IHA réoriente sa stratégie de publication. Les deux collections traditionnelles de l’IHA Beihefte de Francia (depuis 1975) et Pariser Historische Studien (depuis 1962) fusionnent en une seule collection, qui conservera le nom Pariser Historische…

Neuausrichtung der Publikationsstrategie des DHIP: PHS ab 2019 bei heiUP in sofortigem Open Access

Passend zur internationalen Open Access Woche können wir vermelden, dass das DHIP seine Publikationsstrategie neu ausrichtet. Die beiden traditionellen DHIP-Reihen Beihefte der Francia (seit 1975) und Pariser Historische Studien (seit 1962) verschmelzen zu einer…

Economic Texts and Letters – Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels go online

By Regina Roth* The Marx-Engels-Gesamtausgabe (MEGA, for short) is a project whose goal is to publish the complete legacy of Karl Marx (1818–1883) and Friedrich Engels (1820–1895) through producing a complete critical edition of their publications, manuscripts and correspondence. Editor is the Internationale Marx-Engels-Stiftung (IMES), an international, politically independent network, with the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities (BBAW) in charge, together with the International Institute of Social History (IISG, Amsterdam), the Russian State Archive of Socio-Political History (RGASPI, Moscow), and the Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung … Continue reading Economic Texts and Letters – Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels go online

A Call to Action on Digital Cultural Heritage in Germany

Mass digitization of cultural heritage objects is an urgent need: In Germany, this is the common ground on which stakeholders from multiple fields have formulated a “wake-up” call to political decision-makers. Whether perceived as the last chance for the preservation of soon-to-be-lost culture, as in Syria (e.g. the Syrian Heritage Archive Project),[1] or as an opportunity for education and inspiration through free access to museum objects (e.g. Europeana), digitization enables people to see and use cultural material beyond its physical limitations. As research on … Continue reading A Call to Action on Digital Cultural Heritage in Germany

A Short Note on Working in the Beijing Municipal Archive

by Elisabeth Forster (Research Assistant, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg) The Beijing Municipal Archive (Beijing shi dang’an guan 北京市档案馆) stores, as the name suggests, materials pertaining to Beijing as a city. It has materials on both the period before 1949 and after. Arunabh Ghosh has already written a very informative review of this archive  on Dissertation Review, based on his experiences in 2011: http://dissertationreviews.org/archives/643. Therefore I will only give updated information on the aspects that I found changed, when I visited the archive in February and March […]

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