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“Imperiled Destinies: The Daoist Quest for Deliverance in Medieval China”

Peking University, Department of Philosophy and Religion October 16, 2019, 7-9 pm (in Chinese) In this lecture Franciscus Verellen presents his new book Imperiled Destinies (Harvard University Asia Center 2019). Spanning eight centuries, the book examines the evolution of Daoist beliefs about human liability and redemption and procedures for rescuing an ill-starred destiny. The medieval record portrays a world engulfed by evil, where human existence was mortgaged from birth and burdened by increasing debts and obligations in this world and the next. In the […]

Multidirectional Memory? National Holocaust Memorials and (Post-)Colonial Legacies

How do colonial history, the Second World War, and the Holocaust intersect in scholarship and/or wider public engagement? What is the relationship between these histories and diverse fields of study? The seminar series “Contested Histories” dealt with these questions.

Chinese-European Academic Lecture No. 196

The Fascination of Handscrolls – Manuscript and Block Print Products of Ming Dynasty Literati Gatherings (CHEN Zhenghong)Handscrolls are a specific sort of manuscript. In Ming Dynasty (1368–1644) literati gatherings they were often a joint production of several people. Written impromptu these were poetic texts which served social interaction. The concrete direction and specific meaning of the poems in handscrolls comes from their relation to the other texts included in the scroll, and because of this they hold a unique fascination. But as soon as […]

Vortrag am 25. April 2019 von Andreas Fickers: Entre altérité et familiarité: pour une herméneutique numérique en sciences historiques

Vortrag im Rahmen der Reihe »Les jeudis de l’Institut historique allemand« Andreas Fickers (université du Luxembourg), Entre altérité et familiarité: pour une herméneutique numérique en sciences historiques Kommentar: Christian Jacob (CNRS, EHESS) Information und…

Conférence le 25 avril 2019 – Andreas Fickers : « Entre altérité et familiarité : pour une herméneutique numérique en sciences historiques »

Conférence dans le cadre du cycle »Les jeudis de l’Institut historique allemand« Andreas Fickers (université du Luxembourg), Entre altérité et familiarité : pour une herméneutique numérique en sciences historiques Commentaire: Christian Jacob (CNRS, EHESS)…

Chinese-European Academic Lecture No. 194

Historical Changes in the Format of Title-Deed Tax Receipts: From the 13thto the 18th Century (A Feng) Abstract: The collection of taxes on land transactions has a long history in China. With the Yuan dynasty (1279-1368), receipts for taxes paid on newly purchased land, or title-deed tax receipts (qiwei), started to emerge. These were pre-printed forms, whose blank spaces were to be filled in with the name of the buyer, the price, and the amount of the tax. The receipt was glued to the […]

HS Bund: Neue Unterrichtsmaterialien online

Die Unterrichtsmaterialien für die Lehrveranstaltung 15.14 „Freiheitsrechte in der polizeilichen Sicherheitspraxis II“ sind ab sofort online verfügbar. Zum Online-Kursraum gelangen Sie hier. Zum Öffnen der Dokumente (pdf-Format) benötigen Sie ein Passwort, das im Rahmen der ersten Unterrichtsstunde bekannt gegeben wird. Die Lehrunterlagen (LU) sind identisch mit denen, die sich auch im Reader befinden (außer LU4, diese ist nur online verfügbar). Falls erforderlich, können allerdings lediglich die online verfügbaren Dokumente aktualisiert werden, nicht jedoch die in Papierform vorliegenden. Bitte beachten Sie zudem, dass die Texte … „HS Bund: Neue Unterrichtsmaterialien online“ weiterlesen

Chinese-European Academic Lecture No. 192

Baojuan Manuscripts in Modern Performance Traditions of Jiangsu: With “Telling Scriptures” of Changshu County as an Example (Rostislav Berezkin) Abstract: Baojuan 寶卷 (precious scrolls) is a type of Chinese prosimetric literature (with alternation of prosaic and poetic passages) used for ritualized storytelling, mostly with religious subject matter. They appeared around the 13th-14th centuries as a type of Buddhist proselytizing literature, but during the Ming and Qing dynasties served as sacred books of various religious movements. At the end of the 19th-early 20th centuries recitation […]

Chinese-European Academic Lecture No. 191

A Journey of a Thousand Miles: Ming-Qing Hui Merchants and their Route Maps and Manuals (WANG Zhenzhong) Abstract: The earliest merchant route books or manuals date from the Southern Song period (1127 – 1279), however they were only produced in large numbers after the 16th century. Judging from the extant exemplars most of these route books were compiled by Hui or Shanxi merchants. During their annual travels and trading Hui merchants composed, revised and recopied many route manuals. These manuals record the distances between […]

Summer Readings

With the conference season finally coming to an end, academics or other researchers might want to reflect and think back on past events. I want to draw your attention to two opportunities for summer readings with reports on past events accessible online: – the reports on sessions of the International Medieval Congress 2018 in Leeds are online. Some are even written by your humble scribe of these few lines, so some do even concern medieval games and competitions. Don’t forget to check them out! …

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