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Book Review: The Routledge Handbook of Transregional Studies

By Jeremy Adelman. A few years ago, I organized a symposium at Princeton University. The theme was: does globalization mean that the social sciences (broadly defined) need to rethink their intellectual foundations? In the end, we came to a draw. Some felt that old models and familiar framings worked fine. Others saw global integration as an intellectual shakeup of the bedrock of methodological nationalism.

The National Frame: Art and State Violence in Turkey and Germany

By Banu Karaca. The National Frame emerged out of my long-term interest in art, aesthetics and politics. I have always been fascinated by the dominant notion that art is inherently good, by the many values that are accorded to art – be it that art furthers individual agency and critical faculties, the emancipatory potential of art, or its civilizing impact – and the realities that shape the daily workings of the art world.

Call: History of Intellectual Culture

Charlotte A. Lerg, Johan Östling, and Jana Weiß are editing a new open-access publication called the History of Intellectual Culture: International Yearbook of Knowledge and Society (HIC), which will be published by De Gruyter Oldenbourg. The first issue is planned for the spring/summer of 2022, and they are seeking contributions in the history of knowledge. … Continue reading Call: History of Intellectual Culture

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New Publication: “Burckhardt.Renaissance”

Aus Anlass von Burckhardts 200. Geburtstag haben sich im Jahr 2018 Historiker, Kunst- und Kulturwissenschaftler in Basel versammelt, um ausgehend von seinem bis heute Maßstäbe setzenden Essay »Die Cultur der Renaissance in Italien« (1860) nach der Aktualität seines Werks zu fragen. Entstanden ist ein Reader, der gleichermaßen kritisch wie würdigend zum Weiterlesen einer der wirkmächtigsten akademischen Hinterlassenschaften ermuntert.

The Sociality of Theory

By Francesco Anselmetti. A Flood in Baʿath Country, the 2003 documentary by Syrian filmmaker Omar Amiralay, opens with a stark confession on the director’s behalf. His career had begun in the early 1970s with a panegyric to the Baʿathist project of modernisation glorifying the construction of the Tabqa Dam on the Euphrates, near the northern Syrian city of Raqqa.

Port Cities of the Eastern Mediterranean

By Malte Fuhrmann. Port city studies have developed many radical reinterpretations of the Middle East or Southeast Europe, but these have made little inroads into the mainstream. With my book, I aim to rise to that challenge by readdressing an issue of classic political and social history of the nineteenth century – that is, the issue of Europeanization.

New Online Resource: Histoire, archéologie et société – conférences académiques franco-chinoises, Cahier

              All 17 bilingual booklets published by the Beijing Centre of the Ecole française d’Extrême-Orient (EFEO) in the series “Histoire, archéologie et société conférences académiques franco-chinoises” are now available online at crossasia eBooks. No. Title (Chinese) Title (French) Author Year 1 北京舊城街道的規劃及其保護 La structure urbaine du vieux Pékin et sa protection XU Pingfang 徐苹芳 2002 2 法國的建築、城市和景觀遺產保護 Protection du patrimoine architectural, urbain et paysager en France Françoise Ged 蘭德 2002 3 北京城地域結構啓示錄 Réflections sur l’occupation de l’espace dans […]

Weniger Schlachtengeschichte, mehr Kriegserfahrungen – Überblick zu neuen deutschsprachigen Gesamtdarstellungen zum Krieg 1870/71

Jahrestage und Jubiläen sind nicht nur Anlass für öffentliches Gedenken. Sie können zugleich anregen, ein bestimmtes Ereignis mit neuem Quellenmaterial unter einem frischen Blickwinkel zu betrachten, Forschungslücken zu schließen oder mit einer modernen Synthese…

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