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On the Margins of the University: Academics in the Face of Power in post-2016 Turkey

By Alihan Mestci. Culture is a battle that “has not yet been won” – this has been iterated on numerous occasions by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan ever since late 2016, the year of the July 15th coup attempt. The state of emergency has given a legal blank check for thousands of dismissals in the civil service as well as for the criminalization and marginalization of dissenting voices from the media and civil society.

Episode 5: Die Rückkehr der arabischen Studierenden aus dem “Ostblock”: Nachwirkungen des transnationalen Wissensaustauschs

Unsere akustische Forschungsreise führte uns in der letzten Episode des „Wissen entgrenzen“-Podcast in den Nahen Osten. Hier verbleiben wir noch eine weitere Episode, um mehr über das Projekt „Relations in the Ideoscape: Middle Eastern Students in the Eastern Bloc (1950’s to 1991)“ am Orient Institut Beirut zu erfahren.

God in Times of Uncertainty

By Khadija Mohamed Embaby and Amira Mittermaier. In times of profound uncertainty, what does God offer to believers? And how does uncertainty affect believers’ ideas about, and relations to, God?

Episode 4: Transnationaler Wissensaustausch: Arabische Studierende in der Sowjetunion und der DDR

Die vierte Episode unseres „Wissen entgrenzen“-Podcast führt uns zum einen in den Nahen Osten der Gegenwart und zum anderen in die Vergangenheit des sogenannten „Ostblocks“. Am Orient Institut Beirut forschen Wissenschaftlerinnen im Rahmen des Projektes „Relations in the Ideoscape“ zu arabischen Studierenden in der ehemaligen Sowjetunion und der DDR.

Teaching between Spoon-Feeding and Dialogue: My Experience in Institutions of Higher Education and in Interactive Theater

By Marie Elias (French Literature / Theater Studies, University of Damascus / Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts, Damascus, Syria / Saint Joseph University, Beirut, Lebanon). Teaching is a difficult, exhausting profession, but an exciting one, and, if handled satisfactorily, it allows for enriching forms of knowledge and social interchange.

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