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Weltweit vor Ort: Europa in der Welt

Geisteswissenschaft als Beruf im Ausland – Was kann man sich darunter vorstellen? In „Weltweit vor Ort“, dem Magazin der MWS, geben Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler einen Einblick in das spannende Arbeitsfeld der internationalen geisteswissenschaftlichen Forschung. Die aktuelle Ausgabe widmet sich dem Thema „Europa in der Welt“.

Thoughts after Workshop: ‘Colophons and Scribal Cultures across the Early Modern World’

On 2 July, I was attending the workshop ‘Colophons and Scribal Cultures across the Early Modern World’ at the Institute of Historical Research, University of London. The workshop was organized by Christopher D. Bahl and Stefan Hanß and brought together ten researchers from the UK and Germany discussing manuscripts and manuscript cultures, and its connections to print cultures. The workshop took a deliberately transregional perspective, addressing “a variety of languages and regions ranging from Europe to the Middle East, South Asia, and the Americas”. Centered around the colophon, … Continue reading Thoughts after Workshop: ‘Colophons and Scribal Cultures across the Early Modern World’

Medieval Damascus: Was there no garbage problem ever?

Reading two articles on Medium, one about rat kings and another about an early car named by its creator Horsey Horseless and which featured “a life-size replica of a horse head, down to the shoulders, and attaching it to the front of a carriage“, I got into thinking. I have to add here that I am no specialist in this field. More specifically, together these articles made me wonder what did Medieval Damascenes do with their garbage and how did they avoid to have recurrent garbage … Continue reading Medieval Damascus: Was there no garbage problem ever?

Stipendien der Institute der Max Weber Stiftung – Ein kurzer Überblick

Mit einem Stipendium ins Ausland – für viele Forschende eine gute Gelegenheit, während der Promotion oder als Postdoc internationale Erfahrungen zu sammeln und andere wissenschaftliche Umgebungen kennenzulernen. Auch die Institute der Max Weber Stiftung…

Ibn Tulun manuscripts in Leiden

Among other libraries, Leiden University hosts several autographs by Ibn Tulun (for an introduction of the Oriental MS collections, see here). The collection is quite extraordinary among those, since every Ibn Tulun text is bound individually, even though most of them are of modest size. Their page numbers range between single and low double-digits. Judging by my experience that would make them ideal candidates for publication in majmu’as (and I address that issue in an article submitted to the Journal of Islamic Manuscripts). Unfortunately, I … Continue reading Ibn Tulun manuscripts in Leiden

Call for Papers: 2. Jahreskonferenz der Max Weber Stiftung (28.-30.11.2016, Warschau)

Österreich-Ungarn und die imperialen Herausforderungen im 19. und frühen 20. Jahrhundert: Nationalismen und Rivalitäten im Habsburgerreich, in Europa und in der Welt Organisiert von der Max Weber Stiftung, dem Deutschen Historischen Institut Warschau und dem Ludwig Boltzmann Institut für Kriegsfolgen-Forschung … Weiterlesen