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Migration and Racism

Migration and racism are major topics in the histories of Germany and the United States during the twentieth century. The two phenomena occurred in a wide variety of forms, often being shaped and perceived in rather different ways in the German and the…

„Acclimated to Yellow Fever“

Das historische Konzept des Immunkapitals und seine Bedeutung für die afroamerikanische Minderheit in den USA – ein Gespräch mit der Historikerin Elisabeth Engel, die seit 2014 als Fellow am Deutschen Historischen Institut Washington forscht. Dieses Interview erscheint parallel in der aktuellen Ausgabe unseres Magazins „Weltweit vor Ort“ 02/20.

History is Located Inside, not Outside Racial Biases – Can Historians in Germany Break the Silence after Black Lives Matter? (Part 2)

In last week’s blog post, we addressed recent calls for equity and structural change in historical disciplines by looking inwards, in a moment of self-reflection. But what practical steps can we take to transform our field into a more inclusive environ…

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