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The Ideological Origins of American Insurrection

In the preface to the 50th anniversary edition of his Pulitzer prize winning study, The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution, the Harvard historian Bernard Bailyn reflects back on his book’s original argument of 1967, one based on an unprecedented attention to the language and rhetoric of the manifold political pamphlets that circulated in the American colonies between 1760 and 1776. Towards the end of his retrospection, Bailyn underlines …

Locke to Courten: a letter about “Draughts”

“[…] I the last weeke put into the hands of Mr Smith a book seller liveing at the Princes Armes in Pauls Churchyard 26 Draughts of the inhabitants of severall remote parts of the world espetially the East Indies […] For the excellency of the drawing I will not answer they being don by my boy who hath faithfully enough represented the originals they were copyed from.” So wrote the famed philosopher John Locke to his friend William Courten, aka William Charleton, from Amsterdam in August 1687…

Ausnahmezustand in der Weltgesellschaft: Sind wir auf dem Weg in die globale Coronakratie?

von Matthias Lemke. Dieser Beitrag erschien erstmalig in der aktuellen Ausgabe unseres Magazins „Weltweit vor Ort“ 02/20.

Weltpolitisch haben sich seit Anfang 2020 infolge der Ausbreitung des Coronavirus die Ereignisse überschlagen. Die Ausrufung des globalen Gesundheitsnotstands durch die Weltgesundheitsorganisation am 30. Januar löste eine…

“As a Historian, the Archive Remains the Foundation of My Practice” – 5in10 with Pascale Siegrist

Pascale Siegrist joined the GHI London in October 2020. She is an intellectual historian interested in the margins of the canon; her first book project deals with the ‘global’ thought of fin-de-siècle anarchists. At the GHI London she is developing a new project on the worlds of invented languages.

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