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Egypt’s Football Revolution: Emotion, Masculinity, and Uneasy Politics

By Carl Rommel. One does not have to spend a long time in Egypt to apprehend that football is a serious matter that stirs powerful emotions across the male population. Match shirts of Cairo’s two giant clubs, al-Ahly and al-Zamalek, are omnipresent in streets and squares throughout the country; club rivalries are a source of passionate controversies and banter in cafés, workplaces, and social media.

Gender, Education and Inequality: Pandemic and the Present Times

A workshop co-organised by Max Weber Forum for South Asian Studies, New Delhi,  University of Glasgow, School of Education and Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta on 13 November 2021 at 14:30-18:15 IST. It is funded by ESRC/GCRF project Can Dual Apprenticeships Create Better and More Equitable Social and Economic Outcomes for Young People? A Comparative Study of India and Mexico (2018-21) (A collaboration of University of Glasgow, School of Education, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Monterrey Institute of Technology, Mexico, University of Cologne, Germany, … Continue reading “Gender, Education and Inequality: Pandemic and the Present Times”

Sustaining ‘Information for Women’: The Informationsdienst für Frauenfragen, the American Military Occupation, and Women’s Politics in West Germany, 1951–1990

‘The Women’s Affairs unit…is based on the recognition of the fact that German women are in a decisive position either to promote or retard the development of Germany as a democratic state.’1 This statement appeared as part of a 1949 report …

“Gender, Sexuality, and Knowledge Production in Current Neoliberal and Authoritarian Regimes”: Call for Contributions to the Series

To highlight the ongoing struggles that shape the production and circulation of knowledge in times of neoliberalism and authoritarianism, the Interdisciplinary Gender and Sexuality Research Cluster of De Montfort University, the Margherita-von-Brentano Center of Freie Universität Berlin, and Academy in Exile are calling for blog contributions by scholars, students, and activists from across the globe.

The Politics of the Female Body in Contemporary Turkey: Reproduction, Maternity and Sexuality

By Ayşe Dayı and Hilal Alkan. The edited volume The Politics of the Female Body in Contemporary Turkey: Reproduction, Maternity and Sexuality illustrates and examines the various ways in which neoliberal modes of governing women’s bodies come together with religious, conservative, and authoritarian measures in contemporary Turkey.

“Colonizing Men’s Bodies: Natureculture Metaphors Around Hair Transplantation” presented at the panel “Is There a Middle Eastern Body?”

Dr. Melike Şahinol and Burak Taşdizen have presented the selected findings of their ongoing research project “Hair:y_less Masculinities: A Cartography” at “I U A E S: The Re-invention of Traditions in the Middle East” conference at the panel “Is There …

Episode 2: Fernsehen und Feminismus – Von Massenmedien und Emanzipationsbewegungen

Die zweite Episode unseres „Wissen entgrenzen“-Podcasts führt nicht nur nach Großbritannien an das Deutsche Historische Institut London, sondern auch zurück in das geteilte Deutschland. Christina von Hodenberg und Jane Freeland berichten über die Zusammenhänge zwischen Emanzipationsbewegungen und dem Aufstig der Massenmedien.

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