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CfP: Mit der Niederlage umgehen (1870-1945): 75 Jahre deutsch-französische Geschichte

Deadline für die Proposals: 30. Oktober 2020Konferenz: 8.-9. März 2021, Château de Vincennes, FrankreichE-Mail: fairefacedefaite.facingdefeat@gmail.com. Das Jahr 2020-2021 wird von vier deutsch-französischen Jahrestagen geprägt, darunter zwei „runde“: 150 Jahre Deutsch-Französischer…

Call for papers: special issue of Chinese Perspectives on ICH in China

Title: “Authenticating China. Governance and Valuation through Intangible Cultural Heritage“. Coordinators: Guillaume Dutournier (Centre EFEO de Pékin), Florence Padovani (CFC-Beijing) Conceptual Note (French version below): Since the Chinese authorities adopted the UNESCO Convention on “Intangible Cultural Heritage” (ICH) in 2004, the People’s Republic of China has seen the rise of …

Conference: “Climate Change, Energy, and Sustainability in the Pacific Region knowledge, policies, and transfers (1970s-present)”

Date and venue: 19.-20. April, 2021, German Institute for Japanese Studies, Tokyo Conveners: Sarah Beringer (German Historical Institute Washington D.C.), Benjamin Beuerle (German Historical Institute Moscow), Sonja Ganseforth (German Institute for Japanese Studies), Yufei…

CfP | Chronopolitics: Time of Politics, Politics of Time, Politicized Time

London, 7-9 May 2020 | Deadline: 31 April 2019 Time is so deeply interwoven with all aspects of politics that its fundamental importance is frequently overlooked. Building on the work of Charles Maier and Christopher Clark, we define chronopolitics as research into ‘how politics is about time’ as well as what kind of time is ‘presupposed by politics’ (Clark), how the perception of time and change affect decision-making and how concepts of time and history give meaning and legitimacy to political actors, groups and … Continue reading CfP | Chronopolitics: Time of Politics, Politics of Time, Politicized Time

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