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Video: Interreligious Marriages

Second panel of the workshop „Relationships Across Borders: Couples and Families in the Mobile Modern Age“ that took place at the German Historical Institute in Paris (DHI Paris) on December 10, 2015. The panel featured: Dani KRANZ (Univ. Wuppertal), Including … Weiterlesen

Dani Kranz: Foreign Europeans in a Post-Colonial Context: The Entanglement of Inclusion and Exclusion on Macro-, Meso-, and Micro Levels of non-Jewish, Foreign Spouses and Partners of Israeli Jews in Israel

Exogamous relationships tap into multiple tensions across various levels. On a micro level these can occur within the family and the direct social surrounding. On the meso level of the executive – that is the legalese applying level of bureaucracy … Weiterlesen

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