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Approaching the mysteries of late-nineteenth century Istanbul: the publicaton of the serial novel ‘Beyoğlu Sırları’ in Karamanlidika Turkish

30 APRIL 2020 | Authors: Evangelia Balta, Sada PayırThe publication of the Karamanlidika translation of the novel Τα Απόκρυφα του Πέρα [The Mysteries of Pera] by Epaminondas Kyriakides is part of a Project launched in 2017 by the Ottoman Studies Programme at the National Hellenic Research Foundation.

Aḥmad Ḥasībī-zādeh and Ibn Ṭūlūn MTMs

Last year, my article on different modes of transmission of Ibn Ṭūlūn manuscripts was published in the Journal of Islamic Manuscripts. One figure that was ostentatiously involved in the certification of the manuscripts Chester Beatty Library, MS Ar. 3101 and Staatsbibliothek, MS Landberg 704, I could not identify by that time. He inscribed himself on the title pages of both manuscripts as Aḥmad Efendī Ḥasībī-zādeh in the year 1265/1849. Today, we revisit the identity of this person. First, in both cases Ḥasībī-zādeh’s full note reads as … Continue reading Aḥmad Ḥasībī-zādeh and Ibn Ṭūlūn MTMs

An owner of Ibn Ṭūlūn manuscripts: ʿAbd al-Salām al-Shaṭṭī

As Ibn Ṭūlūn wrote several hundred works and did so almost five hundred years ago by now, it stands to reason that the corresponding manuscripts might have changed hands several times over since their creation. Moreover, later readers, owners, and book traders were instrumental in the survival and recognition of those manuscripts as Ibn Ṭūlūn’s. This post explores one of those people whose personal collections included such manuscripts. A small composite manuscript of four Ibn Ṭūlūn texts is now kept at the Egyptian National … Continue reading An owner of Ibn Ṭūlūn manuscripts: ʿAbd al-Salām al-Shaṭṭī

Into a bicycle history of the Middle East

And now, to something completely different: the bicycle in Middle Eastern History. Whereas today the bicycle is – arguably – mostly known as a vehicle for leisure, around 1900 it was not only a major means of individualized transportation but it also stipulated the restoration and expansion of road networks that would make the automobile viable, and bicycle races inspired public attention and drew crowds that today seem unimaginable. Moreover, this early history of the bicycle is intricately connected to histories of colonialism, modernity, and … Continue reading Into a bicycle history of the Middle East

Call for Papers – Революционные биографии в 19-м и 20-м столетии

Имперские – интер/национальные – деколониальные Конференция Фонда им. М. Вебера 2017, Германский Исторический Институт в Москве Революции современности обновили парадигму, которая с падением коммунизма, казалось, изжила себя. Очередное столкновение с явно повторяющимся феноменом наводит…

Call for Papers – Revolutionäre Biographien im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert

Imperial – inter/national – dekolonial 3. Stiftungskonferenz 2017, Deutsches Historisches Institut Moskau Die Revolutionen der Gegenwart haben ein Paradigma aktualisiert, das mit dem Zusammenbruch des Kommunismus obsolet geworden zu sein schien. Eine erneute Auseinandersetzung…

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