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[Neuerscheinung] [nouvelle parution] Francia-Recensio 2016/4

Francia-Recensio 2016/4: Die aktuelle Ausgabe von Francia-Recensio enthält 123 Rezensionen aus den Bereichen Mittelalter, Frühe Neuzeit und Neueste Geschichte. Francia-Recensio 2016/4: La dernière édition de Francia-Recensio comprend 123 comptes rendus couvrant le Moyen Âge, les Temps modernes et l’histoire contemporaine.

Call for Papers: Moralising Commerce in a Globalising World – Multidisciplinary approaches to a history of economic conscience, 1600-1900 [DHI London]

Deadline: November 15, 2016 International Conference, German Historical Institute London, 22.06.2017 – 24.06.2017 Conveners: Dr. Felix Brahm, German Historical Institute London; Prof. Eve Rosenhaft, University of Liverpool In the twenty-first century, the principles and practices of ethical investment and fair … Weiterlesen

Queens Consort, Cultural Transfer and European Politics, c.1500-1800

Queens Consort, Cultural Transfer and European Politics, c.1500-1800
Tuesday 30 August 2016

We are delighted to share the cover picture and contents of the project’s forthcoming volume, which is being published by Routledge and will be available from September 2016.

Queens Consort, Cultural Transfer and European Politics, c.1500-1800

Edited by Helen Watanabe-O’Kelly and Adam Morton

  1. Introduction: Politics, Culture and Queens Consort
    Adam Morton
  2. Art Collections as Dynastic Tool: The Jagiellonian Princesses Katarzyna, Queen of Sweden, and Zofia, Duchess of Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel
    Almut Bues
  3. The Consort in the Theatre of Power: Maria Amalia of Saxony, Queen of the Two Sicilies, Queen of Spain
    Helen Watanabe-O’Kelly
  4. The ‘Two Bodies’ of the Female Sovereign: Awkward Hierarchies in Images of Empress Maria Theresia, Catherine the Great of Russia and their Male Consorts
    Christina Strunck
  5. Luise Ulrike of Prussia, Queen of Sweden, and the Search for Political Space
    Elise Dermineur and Svante Norrhem
  6. Marriage in a Global Context: Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland
    Clarissa Campbell Orr
  7. Dynastic Positioning and Political Newsgathering: Hedwig Eleonora of Schleswig-Gottorf, Queen of Sweden, and her Correspondence
    Jill Bepler
  8. Becoming a Stuart Queen Consort: Nuptial texts for Henrietta Maria of France and Catherine of Braganza, Queens of Britain
    Anna-Marie Linnell
  9. Sanctity and Suspicion: Catholicism, Conspiracy and the Representation of Henrietta Maria of France and Catherine of Braganza, Queens of Britain
    Adam Morton
  10. Four Weddings and Five Funerals: Dynastic Integration and Cultural Transfer between the Houses of Braunschweig and Brandenburg in the Eighteenth Century
    Thomas Biskup
  11. Afterword: Queens Consort, Cultural Transfer and European Politics
    Helen Watanabe-O’Kelly

20 colour and black and white illustrations

Call for papers: Biografie, Autobiografie und Selbstportrait in der Kultur der Renaissance (DHI Moskau)

Internationale Konferenz, 18.-19. Oktober 2016 Moskauer Staatliche Lomonossow-Universität, Historische Fakultät Organisatoren: Kommission für die Kultur der Renaissance des Wissenschaftsrats der Russischen Akademie der Wissenschaften „Geschichte der Kulturen der Welt“ Lehrstuhl für die Geschichte des Mittelalters und der frühen Neuzeit der … Weiterlesen